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About Us

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Yeliz Çelikan Namlı, one of the founders of Servi Trading, is one of the 3rd generation representatives of the family that owns a well-known textile fabric manufacturer in Adana.

  • She started working in family companies at a young age and gained experience in both fabric and apparel. At the age of 9, she could sew by making her own designs.

  • She studied textile in high school and university because she loved the textile industry.

  • After graduating from university, she worked as a senior manager in well-known big companies because she wanted to gain experience in other  big corporate companies apart from her own family company.

  • She gained experience by working in all areas of textile. She worked as a technical consultant in yarn production, yarn import and sales in the domestic market, knitting and woven fabric production and export, garment production and export, yarn and fabric dyehouses.

  • Since she has an entrepreneurial spirit, she preferred to be in the field of  international marketing and created her own customer portfolio in all the companies she worked with.Provided service to well-known international brands.

  • During her visit to Tripolis, which is one of the historical cities in the Aegean because she is interested in history, she learned that archaeologists found a hammam towel weaving type fabric from about 6000 years ago.This information caused her to switch to the hammam towel industry with a new discovery excited.

  • In her 25 years of textile life, working with corporate and well-known brands and all the other technical experiences she gained, she made great efforts to take her place in a different segment in the Turkish Hamam Towel sector.

  • She made a partnership with the company she had contracted manufacturing and increased her exports by getting involved in Turkish Hamam Towel production.

  • At the end of each year, she dedicates the plaques she receives from the exporters' union to women who have taken part in this sector.

  • With her team of mostly female employees, she currently exports Turkish Hamam Towels to all countries of the world. Their slogan is;actions speak louder than words!

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